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New models fucking at Helix

Absolutely brilliant. That was my first thought when I started watching this new gay twink scene from Helix Studios. Great music and a very erotic, and almost spooky, start. A camera, up-close, a teen in a hood, other models on their phones, watching, looking him up and down, and then bidding for him. The price goes up the more he shows and the winner is going to get to do whatever he wants with the guy. A brilliant opening and one that leads on to a brilliant full length scene., the geniuses behind this site and many others, know how to push the boundaries when it comes to gay teen model porn. It’s not about ‘wham bam thank you Sam’ with this company; it’s about high level standards, excellent quality and inventive new ways to film hardcore.

So, The Bid gets underway with various guys raising the limit and trying to win the man in the hood. It reaches a certain level and the mask comes off, we see the handsome face of Logan Cross, here making only his second appearance for the company. He’s on the other side of the glass, as in a peep show, with Josh Bensan looking on having won the auction. Logan poses, shows everything except for what is hidden in his jockstrap; that joy will come.
helix studios
But his ass is on show and Josh is soon in there, fully dressed, rimming the guy out and making him gasp and moan in pleasure. He gives Logan’s ass some serious attention, first with his tongue and then with his finger, before getting the man he just bought to go down on him. Lips around wet underwear, mouth over cotton over hard bulge, and then throat around hard cock and deep sucking while fondling nits; Logan knows how to please a man. Josh face fucks him good and long before he turns his attention back to that ass.

Things get better and better when the anal starts in this great twink scene. You’ve got Josh ramming into a white and smooth ass, still in his suit and tie. You’ve got Logan riding that cock, his body slim and youthful, and both guys are caught in the atmospheric lighting which layers on the eroticism of the moment. The gay guys fuck and we watch from behind the glass, as if we are actually there in the booth, at the auction, and we start to feel a part of the scene. Logan cums while he’s being fucked and then services Josh’s cock some more before Josh unloads his load over the smooth guy’s cock, and things calm down. Like I said, I started off thinking this was brilliant gay twink hardcore and I ended up knowing for sure that it is brilliant hardcore.…