Helix Porn with twink models Cameron Parks and Travis Berkley

College nude twink Travis Berkley stars with Cameron Parks in this scorching hot twink-on-twink bareback gay teen movie that has been filmed and released by the famous Helix Studios.

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Travis Berkley is starring in his third ever porn movie for Helix Studios, and he is looking fantastic. He keeps fit by running up in the mountains, and by day when he is not doing hardcore twink porn, he is a college student. Travis has a smooth fit body, a nice tight ass, and loves to suck cock. He is five-feet-ten-inches tall with light brown hair, sexy hazel eyes, and he is versatile with a six-and-a-half-inch dick. More about him here
Cameron Parks is a nineteen-year-old cute twink from Florida, and he loves to go wild when he goes clubbing. He is handsome with a smooth lean body and a wicked smile that makes him look permanently horny. Cameron is five feet eleven inches tall, has brown hair, sea blue eyes, and he is versatile with a seven-inch dick and a sweet smooth asshole. Follow him on twitter here
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Travis Gives and Takes

Helix Studios from gaytwinktube.xxx waists no time with a storyline in this gay twink vid, its straight to bed and straight on with the hardcore teen sex.

Ex-Mormon boy, Travis Berkley, makes up for lost time as he pins Cameron Parks down on the bed. These two lovers kiss and caress each other as they play fight and roll about on the bed. As they lie on top of each other, their young cocks rub against each other through their pants, and they grind their hips together. The excitement builds up. Once on top, Cameron works his way down Travis’ smooth hard body and pulls Travis’ pants down to his knees. Travis can’t stop smiling as Cameron takes a good hard grip of his rock hard twink cock and puts it between his moist lips and starts to suck. He works on that cock and, as he sucks on it all the way down to Travis’ trimmed pubes, Travis starts squirming in lust.
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As Travis gets up on his knees, he bends over and shows Cameron exactly how good he is at using his mouth as he slowly sucks on his cock. As he sucks on that beautiful long dick, Cameron leans over and teases Travis’ smooth butthole with his finger. His fingers run up and down between those golden cheeks. He presses his finger down directly on Travis’ college-boy hole just enough and then slides his fingers up and down once more.

Travis starts grunting with pleasure and then cries out even louder as Cameron gets behind him and starts lapping at his hungry hole with his probing tongue. The camera goes in for a close-up, and Cameron slowly eases a finger in, right up to his knuckle. After a slap on his ass, and some serious finger fucking and ass licking, Cameron kneels up behind Travis and sinks his meaty thick shlong balls-deep into that smooth college ass. He fucks him slow and firmly, and the camera goes underneath so we get to see every inch of that dick as it pounds bareback into Travis, who can’t stop groaning with a heightened sense of excitement.

Cameron gets on his back as Travis Berkley gets on top and drills his meat deep into his ass for a while before they flip-flop one last time, and Cameron Parks fucks Travis harder and faster than before. Travis can’t hold back as he feels his balls begin to tighten up, and with a shout, his cum spews out like string over his stomach until his balls are empty. Cameron pulls his cock out as his hot cum splashes over Travis’ well-fucked hole, and then he shoves his cock right back in.
Just when you think its all over, Cameron plays around with all that cum at Travis’ hole and then he bends over and licks it all up.

Cameron Parks and Travis Berkley make the perfect couple, and you can see by their handsome faces that they love every minute of this hot flick. There is enough cock sucking, ass play, raw fucking and cum-play to give any man a rock-hard boner. This has been filmed in high definition just like all of Helix Studios’ gay porn vids, and it lasts for over twenty-six minutes. Its hardcore from beginning to end, so, get the tissues out because you are going to need them.…

Helix Studios Paysite review

I have the best job in the world reviewing gay porn sites. Especially when I got the chance to review Helix Studios. I love the fact that every time I go to this site, it has something new to watch and to download or stream, as they update three times a week.
Helix Studios focuses on sweet young twinks from the age of eighteen, to handsome jocks up to the age of twenty-four, or thereabouts. They are hung, young and more than ready for some hardcore action for us to feast our hungry eyes on.
Helix Studios is an award-winning site that has over 3,527 scenes to enjoy, that’s approximately 150 more than in another review I saw from June 2017. They first started back in 2002 and released their videos under the brand name Spank This. Since then, they have grown into a hugely popular site, and they use other sub-studios as well as their own to make up the Helix Studio brand name. All the twinks are smooth and have slender bodies, and the jocks have slightly more muscle on them, but they are also smooth, and some are inked. These young pornstars come from North America, South America, and from all over Europe, which means you will see plenty of cut and uncut cocks being played around with.
The site is easy to look at, and you can navigate your way around it very easily. You can search through scenes, movies, models and even categories that include bareback, college guys, double penetration, Latino and even spanking if you want to, plus many more fantasies to choose from. I personally like to go and look what models are on offer, and there are so many of them such as Jeremy Price, Landon Vega, Colton James and Joey Mills.
The scenes are all in HD, and they can be downloaded and streamed in various formats, including one for your mobile phone. Most scenes come along with a high-resolution photo gallery, in fact, they have over 2,283 sets, and these are all downloadable in zip files.
They even have a store where you can buy all kinds of things that include DVDs, Toys, lube, and even special deals at amazing prices.
It is easy to join, and you can choose anything from a three-day trial at just $4.95 (recurring at $34.95 every 30 days) to a yearly subscription at $249.95 (recurring at $34.95 every 30 days.)
Helix Studios is well known over the world, and a lot of other gay twink companies try to copy them ( check out http://www.gaytwinktube.xxx/videos/gay/helixstudios-recent.html ) , but so far, not quite there. Their movies are of the highest quality, and although the models are young, they are better than some seasoned stars I have seen around. They seem to have no inhibitions, and the sex is for real. All you need to do is to see it in their eyes, they are not acting, they are doing it for real. For all the porn with twinks and jocks, Helix Studios is the best site to join.…

New models fucking at Helix

Absolutely brilliant. That was my first thought when I started watching this new gay twink scene from Helix Studios. Great music and a very erotic, and almost spooky, start. A camera, up-close, a teen in a hood, other models on their phones, watching, looking him up and down, and then bidding for him. The price goes up the more he shows and the winner is going to get to do whatever he wants with the guy. A brilliant opening and one that leads on to a brilliant full length scene. Helixstudios.net, the geniuses behind this site and many others, know how to push the boundaries when it comes to gay teen model porn. It’s not about ‘wham bam thank you Sam’ with this company; it’s about high level standards, excellent quality and inventive new ways to film hardcore.

So, The Bid gets underway with various guys raising the limit and trying to win the man in the hood. It reaches a certain level and the mask comes off, we see the handsome face of Logan Cross, here making only his second appearance for the company. He’s on the other side of the glass, as in a peep show, with Josh Bensan looking on having won the auction. Logan poses, shows everything except for what is hidden in his jockstrap; that joy will come.
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But his ass is on show and Josh is soon in there, fully dressed, rimming the guy out and making him gasp and moan in pleasure. He gives Logan’s ass some serious attention, first with his tongue and then with his finger, before getting the man he just bought to go down on him. Lips around wet underwear, mouth over cotton over hard bulge, and then throat around hard cock and deep sucking while fondling nits; Logan knows how to please a man. Josh face fucks him good and long before he turns his attention back to that ass.

Things get better and better when the anal starts in this great twink scene. You’ve got Josh ramming into a white and smooth ass, still in his suit and tie. You’ve got Logan riding that cock, his body slim and youthful, and both guys are caught in the atmospheric lighting which layers on the eroticism of the moment. The gay guys fuck and we watch from behind the glass, as if we are actually there in the booth, at the auction, and we start to feel a part of the scene. Logan cums while he’s being fucked and then services Josh’s cock some more before Josh unloads his load over the smooth guy’s cock, and things calm down. Like I said, I started off thinking this was brilliant gay twink hardcore and I ended up knowing for sure that it is brilliant hardcore.…